Fees and Registration


Fee options

Full day 6am – 5:30pm
3/4 day 6am – 2pm
Half day excluding lunch 6am – 12:30

Fees include:

  • breakfast and nutritious cooked lunch meals.
  • Holiday Care
  • Discounts offered for 2 or more children, annual or quarterly payments

Aftercare available (Gr 0 – Gr 3)

We will assist with homework during the school terms.

Holiday care is available from 7am to 5pm.  This will include breakfast and lunch

Complete the form below for the years fees schedule.

  • The annual upfront payment with a 4% discount (payable by 3 January)
  • The quarterly upfront payment with a 3% discount (payable by 3rd of the month for the term)
  • The 11 monthly payments (Jan – Nov) Dec fees is incorporated over the 11 months
  • The 12 monthly payments (Jan – Dec)

Download the registration form here