Why Linden Pre-Primary and Baby Centre

The Linden Pre-Primary Environment

At Linden Pre-Primary, we understand that as parents you strive to create a caring and safe environment for your family, and it is natural you seek the same standard from your chosen Pre-Primary school. Your child’s transition from home to LPP should be seamless and it will feel like home away from home where they are comfortable, happy and inspired.

Three things tell you how good a Pre-Primary school and Baby Centre is:

  1. How many children in the school have grown up in the school. Linden Pre-Primary and Baby Centre have many happy children enrolled, who started at the age of 4 months and who stay until they’re ready to go to Primary School.
  2. How well children perform at the Primary School of choice. Our Alumni adapt fast and effortlessly to the most prestigious school in our area.
  3. The Staff at LPP stay with us for many years. Teachers develop over the years and truly committed ones never stop learning.
Our Team

Every parent understands how difficult it is to entrust the care of your child to others, that’s why at LPP each one of our staff members has been handpicked for their commitment to the teaching  profession, their love of children and their outlook on life. In this close-knit family of carers, your child will feel a sense of safety and is valued as a person.

All interactions and learning takes place in a safe environment where children are encouraged to develop friendships, trusted bonds and are treated to a world of creative exploration and discovery.

Meet our Team here

Safety and Security

Safety and security is a top priority at Linden Pre-Primary. Our priority is providing your child with a safe, clean, and nurturing environment. Our school is accessible via a single-entry security gate with controlled access. There are no external entry points to the playground.

We have 24-hour patrol on the roadside area of the school and a panic alarm system.

A child will not be released to an unauthorised person.

Continuous Care Throughout the Year

Linden Pre-Primary is open for children from the age of 2 months to Grade 0. We offer half day, full day and holiday care.

Children who stay with us during holidays are given a break from formal lessons and a more relaxed holiday programme is followed. This allows families with older children in Primary School to take their vacations coordinated with the school holidays.

The school closes annually for around 3 weeks at the end of December every year, giving working parents the support and continuity their family needs.