I love Linden Pre-Primary because I get to play with my friends all day. My teachers are the best and chef Gugu makes the most delicious food. I enjoy meat and vegetables at school even though I refuse to eat it at home. I love going to school every day.   TRISTAN MORETTI 2018

Thank – you linden Pre-Primary for…’ Cuddles, Kisses, Snuggles & love that is what kids are made of’.

Kind Regards
Jenny De Oliveira

Dear Teacher Lindy and Lori,

You have had a positive influence in Milan’s life. Even though she will be starting home-schooling, you have laid a foundation in her life that will carry the building blocks for her future.

Teacher Lori is an amazing teacher. I would never be able to thank her enough for helping Milan grow in to this little human being.

The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see. – Alexandra K. Trenfor

Stay the amazing school that you are.

Much love, Milan and her Mum

Hi Lindy

Mikhail has excelled on a social and academic level and I have LPP to thank for that. You guys and the amazing teacher Gill have been his support structure and have built a foundation for him in so many ways and I cannot thank you all enough for all that you have done for Mikhail.

Graduated at LPP in 2017     Mikhail Scullard

He now attends Hannaford Specialized Education Centre

Loadz of hugs and kisses to you guys…

Hi Lindy

Jessica van der Watt started Grade 000 at St Mary’s in Waverley this year. She is doing really well and enjoying being at the same school as her big sister. We will always remember LPP fondly and are so grateful for all Teachers Avela, Clemmy, and Lori did for her. 



To Principal and Teachers

This serves to express my gratitude for the good work done in relation to Azania ‘ development. Azania spent only 3 Months with you but within 6 weeks I was able to notice remarkable changes in terms of confidence and acquisition of language.

He is now at De la Salle and is coping very well. There is a great improvement on his speech as well. Many thanks go to Teacher Gill for laying a solid foundation for years ahead.

With lots of love


Name: Ariella Gounden

Graduated: 2015

School: Franklin D Roosevelt

Linden Pre Primary has ensured that Ariella had a healthy start to her education by laying the ground work and fundamentals required.

Ariella is enjoying school to the fullest. She is excelling and producing outstanding results. Last year all grade one’s had to participate in a spelling bee competition where she was placed 4th in the grade.  

Proud moment for me and it should also be for you (Linden Pre Primary)

Although it’s been 3 years since she has left Linden, she still talks about teacher Gill.

Name: Seeanna Gounden

Graduated: 2017

School: Franklin D Roosevelt

Linden Pre Primary was patient and allowed Seeanna the opportunity to get out of her shell. She is enjoying her new school thoroughly and progressing well in Grade R.

She makes friends easily and is quite popular amongst her peers. She even corrects her teacher when her name is spelt wrong.

She has asked to visit teacher Gill as she misses her immensely.

Kind Regards


HI Lindy, 

We Love Linden Pre-Primary because my son feels loved and safe

My Child loves Linden Pre Primary because he gets to play with his friends. 

Thank you Linden Pre-Primary for being my child’s home away from home

Thank you Linden Pre-Primary for being our Little Logan’s home away from home and for welcoming her into the LPP Family with open arms and happy smiles 😊

Thank you to all the staff at Linden Pre-Primary for the love, patience and commitment you have shown to Tobias. You have helped him grow and overcome his social awkwardness and for that I am super grateful! Thank you for all that you as a team do for my little one!  

Hi Lindy

I thank you for the excellent time at attention afforded to him.

I am often complimented on his elocution and manners – and I reply, that although I would love to take the credit, it’s all due to LPP.

Special mention to Frieda, Avela, Lori and Gill..

I can see they all have a piece of Tristan’s heart and will be a part of his life memories forever.

Sincerely yours

Karin Forget