A love of the experience of learning enables your child to excel beyond the limitations of insecurity and fear.

Only when our natural curiosity is tended, and encouraged as children, and when we are taught to find joy and fun in discovering the world around us, do we grow into strong, motivated adults.

A child will thrive in an environment where there is a healthy balance of activities.

When a child plays:
  • They learn
  • They use their senses
  • The begin to understand how their body move and functions
  • The explore and discover new things
  • They communicate and develop their language skills
  • They become creative and imaginative

Play helps the whole child; social, physical intellectual and emotional skills are learnt and enhanced.

How a child plays is determined by:
  • Age
  • Physical development
  • Experiences offered
  • Language and reasoning ability
  • Intelligence
  • Personality type

At Linden Pre-primary we have separate play areas for the younger and older children to ensure that all children have the play experience that will enhance their whole being. Playing with a variety of toys, offering different activities, confronting different personalities, and cultures helps our children to develop to their fullest potential.

National Quality Standards

In addition to taking our inspiration from theme teaching, Montessori and self-discovery Linden Pre-Primary School follows the CAPS programme, ensuring that all children are ready for Primary schooling.
Research has shown a child’s experience in their first five years sets the course for the rest of their life.
Linden Pre-Primary focuses on these key areas to ensure the full development of every child:

  • Educational program and practice;
  • Child’s health and safety;
  • Physical environment;
  • Staffing;
  • Relationships with children;
  • Collaborative partnerships with families and communities;
  • Leadership and service management.